VIP 1-on-1 Program

What is the VIP 1-on-1 Mindful Runners Training Program?

The 1-on-1 Mindful Runners Training Program creates a direct link between a VIP client and coach. It can work perfectly for the person who wants independence and personal care. As a Master running and meditation personal coach, Dr. Spino has effectively worked 1-on-1 for many years with numerous, varied-level individuals, some for almost a decade. Thereby transforming their lives by personally conducting his fitness and insightful experiential individual program.

Within the 1-on-1 program there are numerous interactions; a personal fitness and experiential lifestyle plan unfolds organically. It is meant and created for the person who wishes to receive an individualized and highly effective and efficient means to optimum fitness and wellness. This process is malleable in that no two programs will be alike and what is most effective and needed by one person may not be suitable for others. The variety between the programs will contain every element of the Mindful Runners program while the application could be quite different than another person’s regime.

The secret to the success of the 1-on-1 Mindful Runners program is that it begins with a precise and individualized evaluation and discussion of goals, then moves forward from that basis. Techniques within the array of the Mindful Runners methods are individualized and applied as relates personally to the client. This evaluation and interview is done in person or can be observed from personal video and audio.

How does 1-on-1 Training Benefit the Individual Client?

One primary benefit of this program is that individual goals and objectives can be modulated to exact specifications. The broader ranges of other aspects, such as stress-free recreational running or racing goals, are tailored towards the categories one fits into. With MR 1-on-1 Program, all goals are personalized. While the rudiments may be similar, the overall effectiveness and progress is carefully monitored and can be quickly modified.

​Each person has different capabilities based on their physical characteristics. For instance, people have different abilities based on their fast (speedy acceleration oriented) or slow (long-endurance oriented) muscle fiber. This doesn’t just have to do with body type but internal make up of various systems and genetic tendencies.

​Some aspects of the MR 1-on-1 program may not be readily apparent. Individuals that would like to lose weight, for instance, may possess muscle fibers that signal training for speed although some coaches have prescribed long-slow endurance runs for weight loss or vice-versa. This has been the case for many coaches and programs, however, confidence is built through achieving goals through the correct training. Because the workouts are personalized, a 1-on-1 participant may find changes in a shorter period of time, although for most they will appear by the fourth or fifth months. Dr. Spino has coached numerous individuals in this manner for decades. A Master Coach can ideally read an individual’s rate of improvement based on their plateaus and workout developments and designs.

How does the 1-on-1 Mindful Runners Program Work?

An individual may be interested in the Mindful Running 1-on-1 program because they seek a more individualized interaction with the methods and techniques, as well as personal attention by a Master Coach. They might also choose to join 1-on-1 because they wish to be evaluated more precisely and have their goals and ambitions more focused in both the phsysical and/or experiental aspects of the program.

​1-on-1 can be accomplished either virtually or in person. To commence and gain acceptance for the 1-on-1 Program, the coach begins by recording preliminary information about the individual client and planning out the potential programs that can work for them.

​As the data of the person is collected via an information-gathering conversation, a plan is mapped out together. This can be modified as the plan continues in the weeks and months that follow.

​When the individual pre-qualifies, and is ready, sessions will begin. We recommend starting with a six month committment which allows the indivdual to learn the methodology and have it applied to their personal ambitions, capacities and objectives. While the personal program chosen is open for discussion and adaption, all methods and techniques within Mindful Running are taught to all individuals.

​The interaction moves along with weekly training programs, and communicating via email sometimes using video evaluation of technique so the coach can provide personal feedback to the individual. Telephone calls can also be helpful when providing guided imagery and visualization techniques, and when checking on the status of any injuries, obstructions, or planning modifications.

Pricing of the Mindful Runners 1-on-1 Training Program

1-on-1 training is the most effective means of interaction with the Mindful Runners Program. For Coach Spino to visit a 1-on-1 client, the cost is $450 plus expenses. This covers 3.5 months of training and all the attributed insights and adaptions of the program. Couples or family packages are available at discounted rates. Please contact us for additional information.​