What is the Mindful Runners Recreational Program?

The vast majority of participants in the Mindful Runners Program are within the recreational running fitness parameters. From the average person, to those who may run in an odd race, the recreational program serves the fitness and mind/body development objectives of those seeking optimum health and wellness. We focus primarily on improvement in the one-mile distance, because its cardio-physical capacities translate into  easily improved overall health, as it is a primary indicator. It can be accomplished in the open environment, or the same day’s training is calibrated as an alternative on treadmill.

Within the recreational scope, there are also programs to improve at a 5K distance, the most popular recreational race worldwide.

The program contains workouts and techniques necessary for vast improvement in physical fitness and experiential quality. Presented in easily comprehended 12-week training regimens, it produces timely results. The secret to the physical improvement is adherence to the proper heart ranges that are the result of the prescribed daily workouts. Additionally, variances in breathing patterns, and from the famed Esalen Institutes, the finest array of mind-body training applications are fully integrated in the approach to optimum wellness.

The program is conducted online, with communication available via email, easily accessible with a computer, pad, or cell phone, so you can follow the training instructions, audio, and video of the methods while in motion and through recovery. You can revisit all areas of the program as many times as you like.

How does the Recreational Program Benefit the Individual Participants?

There are comforting assurances for those who partake of the Recreational Running program. The physical training and other integrative techniques like mental, breathing, and visualization exercises are laid out step-by-step through the 12-week program.

Incrementally more challenging workouts and mental awareness processes are synchronized during progressive weeks of workouts. You can start a program and if there are periods of illness or other distractions, there are means to “get back on track” effectively.

There are physical and mental improvements each week to motivate you to further confidence since the program offers an array of human potential mental  techniques that have been tailored to integrate with the overall program. It is more than physical training improvement; it is a combination of self-improvement approaches that have been used and honed for decades for increased personal strength and awareness.

How does the Mindful Runners Recreational Program Work?

The program works quite simply. For one fee you have the opportunity to go through the 12-week program as many times as you like, even at a higher level in subsequent time frames. It begins with a two-week starter program that is the same for everyone for getting your muscle tone started and there is no technical methodology.

Once a level of training is self evaluated, the program begins through doing and learning. The audios and videos help set the pace of physical and mental training. One learns, for instance, how to do a gait and a tempo. One week there may be an emphasis on a technique called Tidal Breathing. Then, a focused way to recover from a workout, or race, like the Full Body Recovery, a form of progressive relaxation. Another advantage is Event Rehearsal, a guided imagery, meaning that you picture in your mind your ideal race and mentally rehearse it. A practical way to create an interval workout is called the 24-Step Method. In the video, you will learn various paces used in the Steps: light, moderate, and brisk. You will be adding new information, techniques, and capability so you can utilize them to perfection. Each 12 weeks, a cycle of training is completed and you are able to give a full effort with mind/body support. This is an area of training that Coach Spino has used for many years and you will learn how easily an optimum effort and experience will be available to you.

Pricing of the Mindful Runners Recreational Program

The Recreational Mindful Runners Program is set up as a one time cost of $129.00 per person with unlimited access. To join our growing number of Recreational Mindful Runners, see you there!