Elite Middle Distance Program

What is the Mindful Runners Elite Middle Distance Running Program?

The elite middle distance running program covers the transition from the end of cross-country to the peak of track season. It is applicable for middle school distance runners through college and university and also international athletes. It is predicated on the concept of periodization and brings the runner who has built a base during cross-country through the various phases towards a championship peaking cycle. It is also applicable for runners transitioning from other sports to a track season.

The elite middle distance running covers the typical races for competitive runners from of 800 meters, 1500 (1600 and mile) and 3200 and 5,000 meters. Shorter or longer distances require a more specialized training, which probably won’t be ideal for this particular program. Many times an athlete comes through a cross-country season with endurance strength then does not know how to proceed from this base to make the transition into track running. In some sections of the United States and elsewhere indoors track follows cross-country and this can be achieved also by following the methods and techniques towards top physical conditioning. The program transitions then to outdoors track in which the cycle of peaking from the periodization are achieved.

​The mind/body/spirit training characterized in other programs is emphasized in elite middle distance running. Any coach that interacts with this population of men/women and boys and girls knows the significance of this aspect of the program. The varied breathing and recovery, anti cramping measures, visualization and event rehearsal are synchronized with the physical training cycles to achieve a end of season peak of personal results and mental clarity. Injuries and how to approach remedies for these disruptions is also addressed within the program.

How does Elite Middle Distance Running Benefit the Coach and Athlete?

Many elite middle distance runners have a coach or parent who guides them through workouts. This program is applicable with or without a significant other who fulfills this role of influence. Moreover, the benefit achieved is the certainty of knowing each step of development and why it is to being utilized. Additionally, as the insight of the specifics of when to move forward in the training, and when to concentrate on a phase that may still be in transition is explained and is part of the rationale for each step of development.

The participant and his team of influence can switch back and forth between the aimed trainings from 800 to 5,000 meters. Also, gained is the knowledge of when to utilize the mind/body/spirit techniques beginning with basic breathing in motion and recovery and the initiation of the mental training that leads to the all important event rehearsals at the end of the training cycle.

The benefit to coach and runner is that there is a certainty of the training and racing approach and also from year to year when a transition to the next phase in the periodization is occurring. Also, in the periodization phasing one is aware of how one’s mind and body are building for the future and might not be indicative of eventual progress.

​Knowing where a person is in the training process is very important for morale, and sticking with the overall commitment to the training process. Rather than random picking workouts out of the air to apply to yourself or team there is guidance of a process that always achieves personal results for the runners and avoids the pitfalls that can be many along the way of the training. Coach Dr. Spino is always available for consultation and advice, as he has brought 1,000’s of athletes through this process of periodization and peaking.

How does the Elite Middle Distance Running Program Work?

The program is initiated directly after cross-country season, or, an athlete transitioning from another sport to track and field. The coach or athlete knows from cross-country results which event should be chosen for application. With more speed one might look to the 800 or endurance the 1500/1600 or 5,000. The great thing about the elite middle distance program is that it is fun, efficient and predictable.

There is at first, a training period without the disturbance of premature racing at the onset and then tentative racing that coach and athlete know will be improved upon in subsequent training periods. In the utilization of multiple interval training. I use my knowledge of interval training adapted from the work of Mihlay Igloi, the master Hungarian coach who perfected short intervals in sets and groupings within if applicable

​Groupings can change and shift during the workouts and there are suggestions of how to organize, if applicable, the shifting groups. At some point in the training and when approaching a racing segment, a slow transition to what we call classical interval training is infused into the workout. These are indicative of what goals the runner might imagine during the season. Finally, there is speed training where distances are shorter and the workouts that built into the soon peaking are set into the training. All along the runner will be training however, the speed precedes a racing peak that can occur for 3 to 4 weeks hopefully during the championship season.

​The mind/body/spirit accumulation is occurring throughout. I use my coach, Australian Percy Wells Cerutty’s, approach to allow the athlete to ‘yearn to be’ through guided imagery techniques and other auxiliary breathing abilities. By skillfully implementing these aspects into the runners ongoing training there is the capability of ‘visualizing’ success and especially event rehearsal that can be used to mentally prepare for the optimum racing success.

​Elite middle distance running is the perfect application to the area of track racing most important which is every runner can talk about his or her personal results. These ‘bragging rights’ are attainable through the Mindful Running Elite Middle Distance running program.

What is the price?

The Elite Middle Distance Running Program is set up as a one time cost of $129.00 per person with unlimited access. To join our growing number of Mindful Elite Middle Distance Runners, see you there!