Corporate Program

What is the Mindful Runners Corporate Program?

Mindful Runners’ Corporate Program is a means to help corporations increase the health and wellness of their employees company wide. In as little as four months, a corporation can implement a mind/body/spirit cardio program that will elevate the fitness and wellness of individuals within their company. There are two ingredients of the program; one is cardio fitness and the other is experiential activity. The goal of the mindful running corporate program is to unify these with our Periodic Sequencing training and strategic planning.

After an assessment of the health and wellness of participants, the course begins with a 2-week starter program that the vast majority can accomplish. It is in common language with no additional technique information needed. Then, Participants are evaluated by a time trial usually at the one-mile distance. There are no expectations for performance, and those who, for instance, have times over 10 minutes (level 1) usually improve the largest percentage. (20% on average) Once categories are determined, workouts begin and participants can work out individually or with another employee or small groups. The results have proved consistent and valid in its objectives.

There are two ways the program can be offered to a corporate entity. One is virtually with all the techniques and methods presented at a distance. Having a leader (lieutenant) on the premises to collect information and answer questions would be a component.

A second means of delivery is to have Coach Dr. Mike Spino visit the campus, perhaps provide a lecture/overview of the program and teach the Mindful Runners Techniques to the group hands on and the workouts and results recorded, both for physical and experiential results.

How does the Mindful Runners Corporate Program Benefit Your Company?

Solidarity of purpose is the hallmark of a conscientiously-run company. In the two options of the Mindful Runners Corporate Program you choose completely virtually or by an onsite visit and follow-up. Individuals can do their sessions by themselves, split into groups, or crossover & intermingle with colleagues for collective exercises and pursuits in different combinations. The physical techniques and experiential activities can provide an uplifting unity for corporate morale, decrease absenteeism, and provide the benefits that satisfied, healthy and high-achieving employees produce.

Research is convincing of how satisfied and motivated employees are more effective, and through surveys and interview we can demonstrate how the interchange of the program has produced the intended results.

When one element of a company participates in the Mindful Runners Corporate program, others within the company will see the difference it has made in the group. Many corporations have workout facilities for their employees, however, it is amorphous in that improvements in associates are not easily noticeable in the corporate culture. This is different with the Mindful Runners program as there is a distinct and measurable improvement in fitness and the experiential aspects are observable as the confidence, wellness, camaraderie, and vibrancy of the participants are displayed so others will notice and want to join in.

How does the Mindful Runners Corporate Program work?

The program begins with a corporate decision to finance the program or ask employees to contribute a portion or all to participate. The Program begins with a time-tested, two-week segment that contains simple walking and running directives and a personal, inner growth aspect that anyone can accomplish. This lead-in period allows the participants to get moving in a safe way and provides attainable goals that then lead into an evaluative phase.

Most companies have a number of employees who run in recreational, charity, club, or fund-raising races locally, regionally, or nationally. These individuals are evaluated and provided a 10-week program at distances they prefer. However, the main component of most corporations is the average person who desires health and fitness in an efficient and wellness/inner growth fashion. The one-mile distance is the prescribed evaluative tool. We ask each person to create a log/diary of personal results and a narrative reporting what techniques they find most effective and enjoyable. The pre- and post-one-mile run begins to be “sense effective” at about week five and is divided into four categories from beginner to advanced for further training. With the second evaluation, after 12 weeks, a person can improve into a new category and thereby instill a positive, constructive spirit into the group.

Pricing of the Mindful Runners Corporate Programs

Corporations or groups (this program works well for running groups also) can reach out to us to work out a tailor-made solution for their specific situation. We offer a choice between a virtual package or onsite visits. For the virtual package, the price is $2000 dollars for up to 20 individuals. An onsite visit is $2000 plus all expenses paid. Prices can be adjusted to your specific situation after an initial needs assessment.

​These are exciting times for boosting the interrelation of body, mind, and spirit. This is a win-win solution for both employers and employees. If you want to embark on this fulfilling journey, we would be glad to discuss what can be accomplished with your group that will improve the health, character, and confidence of your company’s employees. Send us a message using the link below: