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Mind Body Training For Runners – Olympic Runner Training Techniques

The Mindful Runners program was developed through decades of interaction with runners at every level in many different settings and teaches mind and body training for runners – Olympic training techniques. These settings include: centers such as Esalen Institute, coaching of professional, World Record, and Pre-Olympic athletes to recreational, high school, and university runners. Spino’s methods have been used worldwide via Olympic Solidarity and Spino’s certification training with outstanding results.

Within the programs, you are presented with an array of interval training and other methods and techniques for recreational and elite middle distance runners. They’re  presented in a particular order (Periodic Sequencing) that leads to maximum results, optimum health, and happiness. The Periodic Sequencing Techniques increase interest and improve goal-setting, running skills, experiential awareness, and focus, while transforming perception, performance, and increased consciousness with uplifting values.

Recreational Program

The Mindful Runners Recreational Program contains the workouts and techniques necessary for vast improvement in physical fitness and experiential quality. Presented in easily comprehended 12-week training regimens, it produces results in a short time for runners of all levels.

The secret to the physical improvement is adherence to the proper heart ranges that are the result of the prescribed daily workout techniques (Periodic Sequencing) including treadmill adaptation. In addition to physical training, you will also learn mental training techniques in areas of visualization, guided imagery, focusing, recovery, and mental event rehearsal.



New lead in to cross country and elite middle distance running

This program is recommended for middle and high school through college or university middle distance athletes, post-collegiate, and Masters runners.

​The program covers the race preparation for competitive runners from 800, 1500, (1600 and mile), 3,200 up to 5,000 meters. Sprints or longer distances are a different training, but this program may be beneficial as you can adapt the distances & intervals.

Everyone will learn the visualization, guided imagery, focusing, recovery techniques, and mental event rehearsal the using Periodic Sequencing Technique including treadmill adaptation.


VIP 1-on-1 Program

We offer a package of One-on-One training which is the most effective means of interaction with The Mindful Runners Program. It includes an Introductory and Evaluative Zoom call, the online Recreational or Elite Running Program, and weekly contact with Individualized Periodization Schedules.

This covers several months of all the attributed insights, techniques, and personal adaptions of the program.

$450 – 3.5 months

Corporate Program

Corporate Program
This is a win-win solution for both employers and employees. Embark on this fulfilling journey to improve the health, character, and confidence of your company’s associates.

The group or team project includes the Recreational or Elite Middle Distance Running Program, an Introductory Group Zoom call, and email contact for questions for up to 20 participants

$2000 – 20 people


Coach Mike Spino

Michael Spino, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Spino Running and The Mindful Runners. A standout runner at Syracuse University, he set records in the mile and cross country, then ran for the LA Track Club under Hungarian Coach Mihaly Igloi.

In the early 70s, Spino began teaching his Beyond Jogging classes and became an integral, original member of a group of pioneers in the sport mental training movement. He published his first of six books on the mental and physical aspects of sport, the NY Times Bestseller Beyond Jogging: the innerspaces of running, and for over a decade taught hundreds of workshops.

In 1974, he became the Director of the Esalen Sports Center. He led large conferences including those presenting Australian Coach Sir Percy Cerutty in Malibu, Santa Barbara, Catalina Island, and San Francisco and another, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts with the International Track Association, and as well as the International Pro Track Meet at University of Oregon.

Spino was Director of the 10-nation, Atlanta Pre-Olympic 1984 Training Camp at Emory University for developing nations sponsored by the USIA with support from then Mayor Andrew Young which helped keep African, and other nations, from boycotting the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Reflections on the camp experience, viewed by IOC officials in Spino’s camp video, bode well for Atlanta being awarded the Games in 1996. In 2005, he directed the only US Conference for sport, development, and peace in The International Year of Sport and Physical Education (IYSPE) under UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

At Georgia Tech in the 80s and Life University in the 90s, he coached many sub-four minute milers and his runners broke every middle distance and cross country school and state records, and many national records. Life University teams won 12 National Championships. He has coached numerous NCAA All-American Athletes and 39 NAIA national champions. He is a two-sport inductee to the Lyndhurst High School Athletic Hall of Fame in New Jersey and, in 2019, was an inaugural inductee for coaching to the Life University Athletic Hall of Fame in Georgia.

Dr. Spino earned his PhD in 2012 from the research-oriented European university Lille ll in France based on unique research in mental training and event rehearsal. Dr. Spino teaches in the graduate program of the Kinesiology and Health department at Georgia State University in Atlanta.











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I like [Spino Running]; appealing, persuasive, professional, and with reasonably priced programs.


After Mike Spino, running will never be the same…ranging from meditation to energy awareness to the methods of Olympic coaches, can benefit beginners and skilled runners alike.


Mike Spino was one of the last of my students (only 20 attained) who earned a certificate for excellently learning my philosophy and techniques. I left the US in his hands




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